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2017 Accessibility Compliance Report Download Document2.06 MB
Customer Service Policy for Providing Goods and Services to People with Disabilities Download Document0.13 MB
Integrated Accessibility Policy Download Document0.16 MB
Customer Feedback Form Download Document0.16 MB


Adopt-A-Trail Application Form Download Document0.11 MB
Adopt-A-Trail Program Description Download Document0.12 MB

Animal Licensing & Control

Control of Dogs By-law 2013-21 Download Document0.88 MB

Asset Management

Township of Algonquin Highlands Asset Management Plan Download Document6.83 MB

Audited Financial Statements

Consolidated Financial Statements 2016 Download Document1.11 MB
Consolidated Financial Statements 2015 Download Document1.18 MB
Consolidated Financial Statements 2010 Download Document1.78 MB
Consolidated Financial Statements 2011 Download Document1.34 MB
Consolidated Financial Statements 2012 Download Document1.06 MB
Consolidated Financial Statements 2014 Download Document1.10 MB
Consolidated Financial Statements 2013 Download Document1.10 MB


Budget Highlights 2017 Download Document0.14 MB
Budget Highlights 2016 Download Document0.10 MB
Budget Highlights 2012 Download Document0.05 MB
Budget Highlights 2013 Download Document0.07 MB
Budget Highlights 2014 Download Document0.10 MB
Budget Highlights 2015 Download Document0.10 MB

Building, Demolition & Septic Permits

Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish Download Document0.21 MB
Contractor Authorization Permit for Construction Waste Disposal Download Document0.08 MB
Application for a Sewage System Permit Download Document3.75 MB
Application for Review of Existing Sewage System Download Document0.17 MB
Application for Copy of a Sewage System Permit or Installation Report Download Document0.13 MB

By-law Enforcement

By-Law Complaint Form Download Document0.22 MB

By-laws & Policies

By-law 2017-109 Comprehensive Fees & Charges January 1, 2018 Download Document0.97 MB
By-law 2016-31 Parking Download Document3.59 MB
By-law 2016-78 Comprehensive Fees & Charges Download Document0.49 MB
By-Law 2012-3 Accountability and Transparency Policy Download Document1.19 MB
By-law 2015-44 ATVs & Recreational Off-Road Vehicles Download Document0.99 MB
By-law 2013-6 Building By-law Download Document3.14 MB
By-law 2012-38 Docking & Mooring at Public Docks Download Document0.12 MB
By-law 2013-12 Control of Dogs Download Document0.88 MB
By-law 09-31 Discharge of Guns or Other Firearms for the Purpose of Target Practice Download Document0.36 MB
By-law 2012-15 Waste Management Download Document0.39 MB
By-law 2013-30 Noise Download Document0.22 MB
By-law 01-26 Provide for Maintaining Land in a Clean and Clear Condition Download Document0.06 MB
By-law 03-22 Comprehensive Zoning By-law (Text) Download Document0.54 MB
By-law 03-22 Comprehensive Zoning By-law (Schedules) Download Document20.03 MB
Policy - Concussion Awareness and Management Policy Download Document0.09 MB
Policy - Customer Service Policy for Providing Goods and Services to People with Disabilities Download Document0.13 MB
Policy - Integrated Accessibility Policy Download Document0.16 MB
Policy - Lottery Licensing Policy Download Document0.12 MB
Policy - Shore Road Allowance Closing Policy File not found
Policy - Special Event Policy Download Document0.06 MB
Policy - Volunteer Policy Download Document0.17 MB


2018 Cemetery Price List Download Document0.02 MB

Community Centres & Facilities

Facility User Insurance Rates Download Document0.08 MB
Community Centre - Rental Agreement Application Form Download Document0.11 MB
Special Event Policy Download Document0.06 MB

Council Meetings

Closed Meeting Complaint Form Download Document0.08 MB


Council Code of Conduct Download Document0.18 MB

Dorset Lookout Tower

Dorset Scenic Tower Trail Map Download Document0.22 MB

Dorset Recreation Centre

Dorset Recreation Centre Membership Application Download Document0.06 MB

Energy Management Plan

Township of Algonquin Highlands Energy Management Plan Download Document0.46 MB

Environment and Stewardship

Terms of Reference: Environment & Stewardship Committee Download Document0.13 MB

Fees, Reservations & Online Maps

Request for Refund Form Download Document0.02 MB


By-law 2017-109 Comprehensive Fees & Charges - January 1, 2018 Download Document0.97 MB
Comprehensive Fees & Charges By-law 2016-78 Download Document0.49 MB

Fire Services

Open Air Burning By-law 01-9 Download Document0.76 MB
Volunteer Firefighter Application Form Download Document0.16 MB
Industrial/Commercial Burn Permit Application Download Document0.39 MB
How to Build a Safe Incinerator Download Document0.30 MB
Ontario's New Carbon Monoxide Law and What It Means To You Download Document0.67 MB
Algonquin Highlands Master Fire Plan 2012-2017 Download Document3.94 MB

Freedom of Information and Privacy

Freedom of Information Request Form Download Document0.40 MB

Garbage & Recycling

Section 'I' Comprehensive Fees & Charges By-law 2017-109 Download Document0.08 MB
Maple Lake Landfill Annual Compliance Report - 2016 Download Document1.35 MB
Contractor Authorization Permit Download Document0.08 MB
Waste Management By-law 2012-15 Download Document0.92 MB
The Cottage Kit Download Document0.10 MB

Hiking Trails

Trail Head Addresses & GPS Download Document0.09 MB
Map: Algonquin Trails Download Document0.31 MB
Map: Beetle Lake Trail Download Document0.21 MB
Map: Dorset Scenic Tower Trail Download Document0.22 MB
Map: Frost Centre Trails Download Document3.57 MB
Map: Log Chute Trail & Interpretive Site Download Document0.21 MB

Landfill Hours & Locations

Landfill_Hours_of_Operation Download Document0.71 MB

Local History & Heritage Sites

Stanhope Heritage Driving Tour Download Document8.29 MB

Lottery Licenses

Lottery Licencing Application Download Document0.13 MB
Lottery Licencing Policy Download Document0.12 MB

McClintock Septage Lagoon

Comprehensive Fees & Charges By-law 2017-109 January 1, 2018 Download Document0.97 MB
Hauled Sewage Program Information & Hauler Registration Application Download Document0.67 MB
Hauled Sewage By-law 2014-39 Download Document0.58 MB

Minor Variance

Minor Variance Guidelines Download Document0.35 MB
Minor Variance Application Download Document0.13 MB

Municipal Cultural Plan

Municipal Cultural Plan Download Document6.20 MB

Municipal Performance Measurement Program

Municipal Performance Measurement Program 2013 Download Document0.53 MB

Municipal Shore Road Allowances

Shoreline Road Allowance Closing policy and application Download Document0.49 MB

Official Plan

Official Plan Download Document0.25 MB
Schedule A1 - McClintock Download Document2.27 MB
Schedule A2 - Livingstone Download Document2.84 MB
Schedule A3 - Sherborne Download Document2.62 MB
Schedule A4 - Stanhope Download Document2.33 MB
Schedule B1 - McClintock Download Document2.97 MB
Schedule B2 - Livingstone Download Document2.74 MB
Schedule B3 - Sherborne Download Document4.66 MB
Schedule B4 - Stanhope Download Document3.69 MB
Schedule C1 - McClintock Download Document6.13 MB
Schedule C2 - Livingstone Download Document6.96 MB
Schedule C3 - Sherborne Download Document7.03 MB
Schedule C4 - Stanhope Download Document6.80 MB

Parks & Recreation

Volunteer Policy Download Document0.17 MB

Property Taxes

2017 Tax Rates Download Document0.06 MB
2016 Tax Rates Download Document0.02 MB
2015 Tax Rates Download Document0.06 MB
2014 Tax Rates Download Document0.06 MB
Change of Address Form Download Document0.05 MB
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan - Information and Authorization Agreement Form Download Document0.29 MB

Recreation Programs

2017 Swim Registration Form Download Document0.17 MB
2017 Soccer Registration Form Download Document0.27 MB
2017 Day Camp Flyer Download Document0.34 MB
Concussion Awareness and Management Policy Download Document0.09 MB

Recycling & Waste Diversion Programs

Haliburton County Recycling Guide Download Document0.34 MB

Road Permits

Entrance Permit Application Download Document0.19 MB
Road Occupancy Permit Application Download Document0.28 MB

Self-Guided Hikes

Forest Management Trail Brochure Download Document11.42 MB
Geomorphology Hike Brochure Download Document5.45 MB

Septic Re-Inspection Program

Septic Social - Sunday, May 20th, 2018 Download Document0.05 MB
Septic Re-inspection Program presentation Aug 26 2017 Download Document5.26 MB
Inspection Zones - Schedule for inspections File not found
Septic Systems Quick Reference Guide Download Document0.06 MB

Septic Systems

Septic System Dos & Don'ts Download Document0.59 MB

Ski & Snowshoe Trails

Map of Frost Centre Ski & Snowshoe Trails Download Document2.29 MB
Winter Safety Tips Download Document0.11 MB
Frost Centre Nordic Ski Trails Season Pass Application Form Download Document0.21 MB
Frost Centre X-Country Ski Trail Descriptions Download Document0.22 MB
Snowshoe Liability Form Download Document0.15 MB

Trip Planning

Trip Planner Download Document0.07 MB

Waste Disposal Sites

Disposal Fees and What's Accepted Where - effective Jan 1, 2018 Download Document0.13 MB
Disposal Fees and What's Accepted Where Download Document0.30 MB
Landfill Hours of Operation Download Document0.71 MB
Landfill Location Map Download Document0.71 MB
What's a Cubic Yard? Download Document0.61 MB

Water Trails FAQs

Bear Wise Brochure Download Document0.20 MB

Water Trails

Access Point Addresses and GPS Download Document0.27 MB


Comprehensive Zoning By-law 03-22 Download Document0.54 MB
Comprehensive Zoning By-law 03-22 Schedules (Maps) Download Document20.03 MB
Zoning By-law Amendment Application Download Document0.17 MB